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Jean Terra suffered a spinal fracture as a result of a fall and came to Life Care Center of Boise, Idaho, for rehabilitation on July 20, 2017.


Terra, who was also dealing with acute heart failure, needed extensive assistance with her self-care tasks, such as getting dressed and brushing her hair. She needed some assistance with walking as well and extensive assistance to stand up.


Six days a week, physical and occupational therapists worked with Terra to rebuild her strength, endurance and mobility, as well as her ability to take care of herself. They used the Omnicycle and NuStep® exercise machines, as well as resistance bands, free weights and a therapy ball to help her recover these skills.


“Jean was such a hard worker with the willingness to try anything to increase her independence,” said Merry Adams, occupational therapist assistant.


Terra was able to return home on Aug. 11. She was independent or required supervision (rather than active assistance) with all her activities of daily living and mobility.


“Thanks so much to each and every member of the staff who took such good care of me during my stay at Life Care Center of Boise, and many thanks to the support staff who keep things looking beautiful and running properly,” said Terra. “My sincere thanks to all the physical and occupational therapists for their patience, their wise teaching and their strong encouragement. Through the dedicated efforts of all these caring people, I was able to make a good recovery.”

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